Quote of the Dane is a blog about Personal Development in a modern family. Demands are high with career, wife, kids and the pressure to learn and improve is present every day.

This blog will share how we are balancing our lives and how we strive to become better people, parents, and humans all together.

We are a typical Danish family of a father, mother and two smaller kids. One girl and one boy. We are both working full time and have our kids in daycare and school but strive to minimize that and spend as much time with them as possible.

As Danes, we have our larger family close by and prioritize spending time with our parents as well and to see friends and family as regularly as possible.

My Name is Ollie

I work as a Marketing Professional as my day job, with a little coaching on the side. I enjoy personal development in my free time and writing about it on Medium.com

I am a bit of a health enthusiast and do moderate physical exercise as often as possible – not often enough.

I try to live on a healthy diet with plant-based food as much as possible. Yes, I eat meat but try not to eat too much, both for my health and for the sake of the environment.

I am not a saint. Far from. But I want to be better.